The Sundal Plan

Its officially Navarathri season again, and it’s about time I start making the run for the best date and time that I should have people over. I have got to admit that even though only about 3 or 4 of my friends have their own golus, its still quite a scramble to try and fix up the right date and time so that the 3 or 4 can make it to my place. In a way it’s rather unfair on my part to expect them to show up. After all they are the ones that will have 40-50 people show up for golu and they have to travel an hour each way even to see my doorstep. Still worse is the fact, that my golu is going one level down this year – as in – I am moving my golu to the kutti room in our basement between the furnace and the treadmill. In fact, may be I should set it up on the treadmill. That will atleast give me a small use for the $700 and 5′ x 3′ floor space in our basement that it costs. I would have preferred it upstairs where there is more space and light, but with my dear little tornado zipping around the house, I dont think I will have much of a golu left 10 mins after I set it up. So off I go, to get started preparing for the pre-golu preparations.. Ciao

One thought on “The Sundal Plan

  1. Ah. Golu time. And my troublesome brother in North Carolina is insisting that we also keep golu bommais of famous atheists like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris along side the other dolls 🙂

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