The Sundal effect

As Navarathri approached, the blogosphere was bombarded with Navarathri and Kolu related posts. I ran into quite a few that attacked one of my favorites – Sundal. Krish Ashok talked about a 9 day mega orgy of protein intake (also pointing to a descriptive woe of sundal consumption by ATP). I had then made up my mind on dedicating a full post to the fun and joy of consuming varieties of Sundal during Navarathri and how special it made the 9 days. However, before I could dedicate some time for that, I was myself attacked by the much described woes of sundal consumption. Duh! Who would’ve expected it – that too after a mere 3 servings of sundal.. Cha cha.. Ennakae avamaanama pochu. So that kind of killed the fun of doing the post about Sundal anyway. My first round of Kolu visitors visited last Saturday. I only tormented them slightly with one ‘saltless’ serving of sundal. Hopefully the accompanying rava kesari and bonda would’ve compensated for that. The dolls pretty much occupied every available inch of kolu padi space. I am hence forced to consider 5 steps for next year. The little tornado has been under control.. so far.. (I hope I’ve not jinxed myself). The next thing to be done is to inflict ‘The Sundal Effect’ on my next round of kolu guests expected tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “The Sundal effect

  1. Me

    i am not a big fan of sundal…esp the vaazha vaazha kozha kozhaaa sundal….yuck…

    …last year lam golu photos poteenga…indha varusham y no photos??

  2. The other interesting this that one particular store in Chennai makes millions during the Kolu – VIjaya Stores in Mylapore. Every Chennai lady descends there to buy those small little return gifts – tiffin boxes, kunguma chimizhs etc.

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