The Spirit of Nightingale – By Pati

My maternal grandmother for many years now has impressed many with her literary skills. Few people have grandmothers above 80 who can talk English, forget about flawless English, written in the form of poetry. She has written in the past more than probably a 100 poems on pieces of paper now turned yellow with age and often tucked away from the public eye within notebooks and diaries.
The most recent one, is about the Senior Citizens Club, of which she is a member. The club, based in Malleswaram, Bangalore is called “The Nightingale Club”. I read the poem and felt it was worthy of publicity because it is a well written poem, written by a person who deserves some appreciation for writing it at her age and also because the Nightingale club does a great job of making so many senior citizens feel special.

So here goes:

 The Spirit of Nightingale


Jaya Sundararajan

Singing merry nightingales are we,

Always like this we will all be;

Young we are, in our minds,

Our thoughts, our desires, that binds;


Our ages, all above sixty

Limit though, is five and fifty;

Active we are, forgetting our age,

How old we are none can gauge;


Some of us are heard, not seen;

Talkative souls, we’ve always been;

When others talk, some enjoy,

Smiling of course, expressing joy;


Counting beads, sitting in corners,

Now, want to be roamers;

Dull days, for the aged, ahead,

Are for the books, to be read;


Lack we not in social work,

Spending for a cause, we’ll not shirk;

Slums and old age homes, we visit,

Spreading happiness, we never desist;

Reviews, comments and criticism will be duly passed on.


8 thoughts on “The Spirit of Nightingale – By Pati

  1. This is good stuff. Really poignant. You must consider creating a and posting all her poems there, one by one.
    Rekha: Yes. I should suggest that. Somebody would have to do the job of emailing me those poems though.

  2. At the threshold of 50, I was beginning to feel old when I chanced upon this blog. Pati has really rejuvenated my spirit and made me feel young. I look forward to thee years to come. Perhaps I should get in touch with her and see how I can be a nightingale too.
    Thanks for this.
    Rekha: I am sure Pati would be very happy to know she made you feel that way.

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