Satisfying Deepavali

Two posts ago, I ranted about how much I missed Deepavali in India. To somewhat offset my self-pity and bitterness at being away in ‘America Naadu’, I decided I would take extra effort to make Deepavali enjoyable. So, I took it upon myself to make available 3 sweets and 3 kaarams – that would definitely bring home the Deepavali spirit. With the help of my experienced MIL who made Thenkuzhal, Ribbon Pakoda and the ‘Veetuku – Veedu’ popular 7-cake, and Badushah bought from a Bangalore Iyengar Samayal Kaarar at $1 a piece, I reached my goal by myself making Manankombu a.k.a Mul Murukku and a fancy sweet called Lavanga Lathika (the name of which many people had a hard time remembering). So, by Deepavali day, we had plenty to eat in the area of Bakshanams.

On the morning of Deepavali, all of us had new clothes, Deepavali marundhu. We videotaped the ‘Ennai Sasthram’ of my daughter who was quite amused by the whole process.

d photo

My office is well represented by the TamBrahm clan. We stand at a dignified 100% of the total office population. So, all of us decided there was no harm whatsoever, and that in fact it made absolute sense to have a ‘bada khana’ of good pandigai sapadu. The women folk in the office decided we could skip our business casuals and show up in salwars. We planned a very satisfying menu which started with bisi bela bath and ended with theratti paal for sweet. I don’t want to earn the ‘vaitheruchal’ of those who had a busy Deepavali at work by describing the menu in detail. I think it will suffice if I say, all of us had a hard time keeping our eyes open for the rest of the day.

I also learnt from a friend, that fire-crackers are available around July 4. Next year, I plan to stock up in July, so I have nothing to yearn for but the company of my family in India. Next Deepavali will be even better.

4 thoughts on “Satisfying Deepavali

  1. maami

    Lavanga lathika is a Bengali sweet made with maida, khoa, where you knead the dough and roll into in a strip form so that it resembles a little fold of paper and secure it with a lavangam and dip it in sugar syrup and fry it. my favourite at my in-law’s home.

    Rekha: Yes, that is the one. I used to be very fond of it as a kid, my mom used to make it. Now, my fondness has reduced a bit, because I’ve realized how painstakingly long the process is, especially when attempted between 10:00 and 12:00 on a weekday night.

  2. nanga inga idha pannom adha pannom nu sollitu neenga enna deebavaliku pannel nu keta…yaaru da deebavali bakshanam panra….local la oruthar bakshanam lam nanna pannithara…ava kittendhu vaangitom nra….

  3. maami

    midnight masala thaan paarthurukken. midnight bakshanam making-a?impressive.
    i’m an unrepentant eater;me no cooker ( as bhanoo maami , amma’s cook, would announce herself)

  4. vishwa

    Hello maami…you have earned the vayathu erichal of this MS padikara guy…just kidding…guess Diwali at your place this yr wud b even better

    Rekha: All depends on whether its on a weekday or weekend and other factors.

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