Memoirs of New Year Eves

2007 is over and done with and the whole world has welcomed 2008 in it’s own way. New Year for all practical purposes starts on January 1st, at least for those that follow the English calendar for normal day to day stuff.

New Year eve was spent at home with hubby working on a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle. Pretty low key considering some of the things I’ve done in the past. My first recollection of new year eve celebration, was when I was around 8. We had dinner with our neighbours, and watched Doordarshan’s programmes on their new Onida color TV. Asha Bhosle did the grand finale at midnight which was a song titled ‘Naya Saal hai Aap Sabko Mubarak’, which was an ok song that I, for some weird reason can remeber the words for. For about 8 years after that, I remember all new year eves were spent at get-togethers. Pot-luck dinner with a bunch of families (friends), followed by games of some kind for us kids, and then loud happy new year shouting at midnight. At what ended up being the last new year party for a long time, I dressed up in a ghaghra and danced around midnight with all other kids. For over 4 years after that, we spent living in a nondescript place off NH-47 where social life was closer to zero than 10 power -50. The new year just before I got married, we were in a slightly better place, where all the apartment folks had a pot luck dinner, but everything was wrapped up well before midnight. The first year after I was married, new year was so uneventful, I don’t even remember where I was and what I was doing. After we got to the US, things got a little better. The first new year eve in the US, we were at a typical new year party at our friend’s place. Lot of loud music, alcohol, dancing. My husband and I were two of the few tee-totallers trying to have a good time in the midst of all the other folks who had thrown shyness to the winds and having a good time dancing etc.. At the last minute, just after midnight, as we prepared to leave, my husband slipped on a perfectly normal wooden floor and ended up fracturing his foot. For the next two months, I ended up cleaning snow on the car every morning because of his handicap. The year after that I was pregnant and one of my best friends came over for new year. We had a small gathering of three families, and spent new year’s eve playing monopoly. Last new year eve was spent first at a kid’s birthday party where we finished dinner and then with two other families at our home, more or less waiting for midnight so everyone could go home (boring would be an understatement, especially if you asked my guests).  This new year eve ( couple of days ago) was spent waiting for my daughter to go to sleep. She eventually gave up and slept around 11:15 p.m. Then, my husband and I started on a favorite hobby of ours – doing jigsaw puzzles. At midnight, we wished each other, wished our parents, jigsaw-puzzled for a little while longer and went to sleep at about 1:30 a.m.

Times have so changed… but no matter what we do on new year eve, we welcome every year with the same hopes, aspirations and excitement in anticipation of experiences to come. 

Happy New Year all you folks!

5 thoughts on “Memoirs of New Year Eves

  1. happy new year maami… stopped doing jigsaw puzzles looong ago, but after reading this, I might start once again!

    Rekha: MaxDaVinci.. wait for my next post.. planning one on all the puzzles we’ve worked on.. That might get u fired up even more..

  2. Meena


    You missed our eventful Millennium New Year at Haritha’s house…

    With all those rettai jadai pictures…& Dances…


  3. padmajav

    Happy New year to u too! Jigsaws? I used to be crazy abt those. Got myself a 1000 piece puzzle, but somehow never got around solving it! You do get some intersting online jigsaws too!

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