The ignored screen son

I watched Evano Oruvan yesterday. The intention of the post of course is not to review the movie, because there are many others who could do a better job. I couldn’t help noticing however that amid the many pitiable characters played in the movie, one that was totally missed out was that of Madhavan’s son.

They do show this little boy (Varun I think) being ordered around by the mother, being accused of failing in three subjects, the mother having an argument with the father about whether or not he should join the tuition class, but yet, whenever Madhavan thinks of his family only his daughter and wife are in the picture. Even at his workplace, he has a picture of only his daughter. Even when he calls home after three days, he only asks about his daughter.

The director seems to have totally forgotten about the poor little boy being a part of that family. Quite weird, actually…

6 thoughts on “The ignored screen son

  1. Meena

    Because in the Movie “Falling Down” Michael Douglas only had a daughter for Tamil movie sake they added a Son. In Climax Douglas would want to see his daughter with Christmas present…trying to copy the scene our people missed the big picture. Ha ha ha.

    Falling down with Douglas can never be equated to Evano Oruvan.

    But at least the message reached the mass somehow…illa

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