Happy Valentine’s Day

I don’t recollect when I first observed Valentine’s day. Perhaps a few went by when I was in college, wondering if perhaps some miracle might drop an archies card my way signed by ‘???’ or ‘you know who’ or ‘your special someone’. Of course none of that ever happened.  My last year in college, the 28 girls in my class decided to turn some attention on ourselves by all wearing identical pink sarees. The only effect was that we got a second look wherever we went that day.

Then I was engaged to my husband and married to him before a valentine’s day came along. On our first valentine’s day, I took the trouble to buy the typical archies card, stayed up until 12 that night and presented it to him as a surprise. He retorted – ” I don’t believe in this valentine’s day and all…. anyway thank you”. Of course, he saved himself that day by quickly following with ‘For me everyday is valentine’s day’, but all my aspirations for valentines day for the rest of my life, ended right then.

However, there are those couples who still do special things on special occassions. Suprise each other on Valentine’s day. Some help the economy by going out and paying exorbitant prices for a box of chocolates or a stuffed monkey holding a big red heart. We on the other hand, do our valentines day shopping on Feb 15, help the stores by buying the chocolates on clearance and enjoying them for a few weeks after. We also buy the monkey, cut loose the heart from the monkey’s hands, and get it to hang from the ceiling fan in my daughter’s jungle themed room.

I suppose many years later, when I am deaf and hopefully my husband is fussing over me like a dog after a bone, we will finally decide to use a valentine’s card with good reason.

2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. My3

    Heh Heh Heh!
    I am the party pooper in my house. My poor husband brought a H-U-G-E bear and roses for my first Valentine when I got to the US and I was horrified when I found out how much he had paid for the roses. :D. That was the end of Feb 14. I used the same corny line, Every Day Is Valentine Day, Honey 😉 and bought flowers the next day at 75% off 🙂

    Rekha: All you lucky spoil-sport specimens are always blessed with the most romantic spouses. What to do..

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