Inching to 30

I turned a year older last week and I didn’t feel as excited as I usually do when the day started. I knew there was no surprise gift from my husband, because he had let me choose my own gift. I guessed I would not have any surprise parties either because I had just had one the previous year. I had to go to work and had a lot of work lined up for the day. I had picked up a new set of clothes a week earlier while grocery shopping at Sam’s club. So, nothing exciting happened. I was beginning to feel that may be I had finally grown out of the birthday excitement age group.

However, it was not to remain so. Our good friends and my brother in law and his wife surprised me, by first leading me to beleive that they had planned a surprise which had flopped because one of them couldn’t get there in time, and then when I had let down my guard, they ended up surprising me anyway. So, we started with a cake cutting, ate samosas, gulab jamuns and ended with pizza.

So, thank you Fa for always remembering but pretending to forget, to P for sitting through it patiently because I know how much you hate this stuff, to S for singing ‘happy birthday’ so beautifully (you have definitely improved over the past 3 years), to V for the beautiful card and the personal note in it, to the other V for the 80 gulab jamuns that you took the trouble to make and to dear husband and dear daughter for being the special people that they are.

Thank you for making me realize I am not so old after all.. and to all you folks who weren’t a part of the birthday bash and are bored of the vote of thanks addressed to alphabetized folks, chill.. I promise the next post will be better.

14 thoughts on “Inching to 30

  1. Happy birthday!
    Guess what? I turned a year older last week too! Pretty sober affair too. Flowers, lots of genuine wishes and a quiet dinner did it.

    Rekha: Wow.. Belated happy birthday! That makes 2 arien maamis ha?

  2. My3

    Well, I guess you can add 1 Piscean maami to your list ;-). Happy Birthday to you NRI! Now we know why you were “delayed” with your blog posting. You are all lucky that you have relatives in this country. Enjoy and make the most of it. My children have no relatives and it is sad for me to watch them during Thanksgiving time, though we do get friends around the table.

    Rekha: Thank you Maami :). My mother went through something similar but within India, but she made some friends, who have been her friends for 25 years, and were with her through everything. So, be happy that you have some lifelong friends 🙂

  3. Me

    belated b’day wishes NRI Maami, belated tamil and telugu new year wishes too…

    ..seri P yaaru…relativeaa? friend aa?

    Rekha: Thank you and happy new year to you too. P is our friend, and a very close one too – but why do you ask?

  4. prem

    hmm…sitting at a party with friends and people i know is no pain…its just the huge hordes that drives me nuts!

    congrats on ur 30…may you celebrate 31 with the realization that 3 hrs of it unfortunately went waste seeing one crappy hindi movie, another 2 hours listening to comments about it, 15 hrs trying to convince yourself that it was a good movie and was time and money well spent and another couple of hours patting ur back for choosing to see such a lovely movie (after you managed to convince yourself) and wondering why on earth the normal junta doesnt have the taste to like these epic and monumental movies..

    wishing you a great year! pity a few hours of it has got to be spend reading and putting up with a few inane comments like this!

    Rekha: Prem, firstly you stand corrected that I am not yet 30 and have a few more years to go before I get there. Secondly, seriously a movie that somebody spent a lot of money and time making, is no big deal as far as I am concerned. I wanted to see a movie, saw it, it wasn’t as great as I hoped, but it wasn’t as lousy as everyone described, and definitely not worth pulling my leg about – trust me! In case everyone is wondering, we are talking about ‘U me our Hum’

  5. prem


    my sincerest apologies for making you older than you actually are! i stand corrected…blame it on the years already having caught up on me!

    and the producer should really feel happy…there is somebody who thinks about the amount of money and effort they put in to make a movie. but jokes apart, you are right. its so easy for us to rip a movie apart…having just spent 10 bucks and few hours of our time. little do we think about their efforts, eh? kudos to you!

    anyways, my view that 99.99999999% of hindi movies severely and irreparably hurt your intellect still stand! (did you see that research in which it was identified that kids who see teletubbies regularly have a much lower vocabulary than kids who see dora?)

    hindi movies! the teletubbies of the movie world!

    no hard feelings… go ahead! feel free to make comments on wondering how people can like movies like ‘no reservations’!

    let me wind up now…time for me to remind myself that this is not an individual blog but jsut a comment


  6. Me

    enna maariyae feel pannina person yaaru nu therinjika dhan…

    Rekha: OMG.. There are 2 such people in this world?? Indha ulagam thaanguma?

  7. Pradeep

    thaamadhamaana puthaandu matrum pirandhanaal vazhthukkal!! 🙂

    Rekha: Nandri. Onglukkum thamadhamaana puthaandu nalvazhthukkal

  8. Ramya Ramani

    Belated Bday wishes to you NRI Mami.BTW I have blogrolled you! Hope you dont mind 🙂

    Rekha: Thanks Ramya for the wishes and for blogrolling me too. 😀

  9. Laksh

    Belated B’day wishes! Sounds like you had a fun day. Was wondering if I should watch U Me Aur Hum. Been hearing conflicting reviews. Guess I will wait for the DVD instead of going to the theater.

    Rekha: Thank you for the wishes, and yes the movie is not worth going to the theatre for.

  10. Happy bday, nrimaami…you are not even 30 and why did you choose to call yourself maami..?

    Rekha: Haha… I do beleive I possess other ‘maamily’ qualities that qualify me for the title. 😉

  11. prem


    are we going to get the next update only when you are inching towards 40???!!!!???!

    Rekha: Ooh..Hope not.

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