First memories

Laksh of Musings, tagged me and asked me to recount my earliest memory. Quite interesting, because I never really thought about that in all these years. I’ve been thinking hard for the past couple of days, and I came up with some random early memories, in fact I am not even sure how old I must have been – probably 3 – 5.

I remember my father and I in the living room of our rented portion ofΒ a house in Nungambakkam – the house we now call ‘2nd street veedu’. I remember my father holding my hands as I climbed on him as if he were a wall, all the way from his feet up to his tummy – he would then let go of my hands, and just as I experienced free fall backwards for a split second, he would hold me back, and I would giggle happily.

Twenty something years later, it seems so surreal that my father used to play with me and entertain me. Now we talk on the phone about everyday nothings, about career, home, health and others in our family – two mature people carrying on with our lives in different parts of the world, but those memories are the foundation for a relationship between a daughter and the dad of whom sheΒ has always been proud to be considered a copy of.

Thanks Laksh, for tagging me – first time as I said. Loved thinking about so many things from all those years, until I thought this was one of the earliest things I remembered.

I am not sure whom to tag, so anyone interested, please go ahead and take it up, or you can go ahead and comment here.

11 thoughts on “First memories

  1. nice. why does nostalgia always seem to hit an NRI the hardest? actually, the answer is prolly too obvious. i too have started experiencing such thoughts these days.

    my first memories:-
    in some hospital thotti, i remember crying, feeling extremely uncomfortable and seeing some old people in the side. i might have been around a year old or lesser. i like to think one of the people i saw was my dead grandfather who i never saw afterwards. people have pointed out that at that age you don’t normally recognize people. But i have always rebutted saying i simply ain’t normal. πŸ™‚
    actually its just a vision that is perpetually stuck in my head. it could be true or it could be a dream or my imagination playing games.

    Rekha: Ohh.. That is interesting and sad. I do vaguely remember one incident from even before, it is just a minute or two and not very clear – I was adamant about something, which my parents did not oblige I think, and I said I am going to leave the house and go to the neighbour’s house and stood at the door, but I was too small to reach the latch. But I am not even sure if it’s my imagination or something that happened.If I am right, I must’ve been less than 2 years old at that time.

  2. U’ve been busy lately? Havent seen you comment anywhere as well…

    Anyways bad tag fro someone like me, bad bad memory… I remm some things, but I donno when they happened. So no chronological data available..

    Rekha: Illai pa. Just as busy as usual, and I thought I’ve been commenting everywhere except your blog )as I just realized), but I have been reading it all.

  3. chokkathangam

    what can i say? welcome to the abnormal club maami. πŸ™‚

    neway, your memory seems too elaborate to be just a handiwork of imagination. and really, thoughts about running away from ur house and making ur parents see how precious you are to them is one of the charms of childhood i suppose. i have lost count of the number of times i and my sisters have expressed such thoughts. πŸ™‚

    Rekha: Haha.. so the evil idea occurs to everyone I guess

  4. Lovely memory!!! I could picture you and your dad giggling and laughing. πŸ™‚

    Rekha: Wonder whether my dad would remember all this – I should check with him.

  5. krishna

    Hmm i remember scratching my grandfathers back and my grandmother giving me coffee at the same time…. i was 3 at the time…….

    Rekha: Cofe @ 3?? How did they put you to sleep?

  6. prem

    err…nostalgia time eh?

    boohooohoo! too senti to make any comment on this! something going wrong with maami…first it was missing india…then it was about the unfairness of life…and then now about childhood memories…

    do we see a trend…hmm..lets see where it heads to next!


    Rekha: Prem, you have sooooo got to stop your trend analysis on my posts. Kamal style lae ‘Yaen post elaam anubavikanum aaraya koodathu’

  7. Pradeep

    My first memory is of something which happened much later.. It was my first day @ school.
    My grandpa held my hand and took me to the school. I knew we were going to go to a classroom (smart boy huh!), but all along I assumed that my thatha was going to sit with me. I received the shock of my lifetime when I was asked to go in alone. I couldnt deal with and started crying, wailing, screaming or whatever you want to call it. πŸ™‚ The teachers probably felt they couldn’t deal with me and asked my grandpa to take me home and bring me back the next day! That started off fourteen years of schooling trouble – for my teachers. πŸ˜€

    Rekha: haha.. how naive you thought your thatha would stay with you :D. Eppdiyo, dhinam naaliku vaanganu anupaama irundhaanglae.. illaina inum lkg admission ku waiting lae irundhirpaenga.

  8. Sitting on my aunt’s hips while being fed paruppusaam in the thinnai in Tirunelveli home and asking, “panni kadikuma ?konjuma?”

    Wearing a blue frilled panty only and walking in the courtyard of this big house, whose small portion we had rented in Mandavelli, eating a bun. A big bad crow nipping it off my hands. Must have been three or four.

    Rekha: Haha Lol@ “Panni Kadikuma? Konjuma?”

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