Castles in the sand

The last long weekend for this season is coming to a close. While we didn’t entirely use it, we didn’t entirely waste it either. We thought about travelling to Traverse City, MI, but were told that it had sand dunes and some adventurous sports, and if we were not going to be doing any of the adventurous stuff, it was probably not worth the trouble. So, we ditched the plan at the last minute and decided to make a half-day or one-day trip to Warren Dunes State Park in Michigan. We were informed that the crowd there would be less than the crowd at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore 25 miles south.  So we had a heavy brunch and left for Michigan. Two hours later, we reached the place, and were shocked to find that it was full of people. Every inch on the water front seemed to be occupied.  We slowly made our way to the water and found a spot that hadn’t been taken yet.

Since the last trip to Saulte Ste Marie, my husband and I have been very disappointed that my daughter shuns both water and sand like the plague. We had to carry her the entire time we were at the beach. This time, we hoped for a better reaction, but unfortunately, it was just as bad. She didn’t want to touch the sand or the water. She was ok with us fetching water from the lake and pouring it on her feet though. We also bought her beach toys which we thought she might be interested in, but little did we know that she would call sand ‘yuckie’ and three of us adults would derive great pleasure out of playing with sand. So, while my bil V tried to get my daughter to touch the water, V, my husband and myself started playing with it.  We made a sand castle – it was great fun. V and I realized we had missed doing this as a child. The first one we started building was destroyed within a few minutes by waves from the lake. So we decided to start fresh on a much grander scale a few feet inland. Just as were completing, the waves threatned to get near this one too. V immediately built a dam, and in a great hurry we finished our fort and clicked pictures. After playing the water for a little while longer, I wrote at the fort – “Fort Pagalvatthi – 2008” (Pagalvatthi is my husband’s family name) and packed our bags to leave.

After the fun day at the beach, we reached home around 11 and crashed. All that was fine, until the next morning on I felt under the weather a bit and haven’t yet fully recovered. That would explain the how the rest of the weekend went. Tomorrow is Avani Avittam for us – I doubt I can make idli and appams or some sweet even. Let’s see.

Hope all you other folks in the US enjoyed your long weekend.

12 thoughts on “Castles in the sand

  1. Krishnarku pannadha paathu ellar Kannum patrukum…dhrishti suthi potukongo… 🙂

    Castle building sounds fun…but Castleku entrance yae illa..adi vaangama unga blog lendhu poga poradhu illa nu nenaikaren..

    Rekha: Haaaa.. Paavam onga wife.. romba perfectionistaa irupaengo polarku. I wouldve expected a comment like this from you only. And next time I will definitely remember to build a gate on oneside.
    Indha vayasulae kooda kannu padumaa enna?

  2. After all these years, you still have places to go around IL and MI? Nice. Anga desi kootam epdi??

    The castle looks awesome…

    Rekha: Desi kootam relatively less. I think I saw 2 desi families in all. Like I said before, we didn’t do much sightseeing during my first three years here. Ippo thaan started, but we are slowly running our of places to go to.

  3. I’ll print your entire travel category and keep as reference. The missus will be thrilled at my knowledge!

    Rekha: Haha.. I was thinking of asking you if you knew any places around here. We are running out of ideas you know.

  4. 🙂 Ganesha Chaturthi illiya? Naa naaleki kozhakatati pannanu 😦 and its a weekday and you know what that means?

    And vacations around MI aah? My husband studied there. I shall ask and let ye know!

    Rekha: Oh Thank you. That is so nice of you. 😀

  5. Pradeep

    Maams, I never knew you were a fellow Midwest vaasi… I have been to Indiana dunes as well and I dint like it all that much. A very ordinary beach I would say!

    Rekha: Marinava paartha nammalae endha beachum impress pannaadhu – least of all lakeshores turned beaches.

  6. Awrsome castle.. hey you sama vedam too.. made kozhakattai’s for Ganesh Chathurthi or only Iyengar stuff for you?

    Rekha: Yep.. same same.. sama vedam!! I usually try to make kozhakattais and sundal for Ganesh Chathurthi, but this year, I’ve been down with fever for 4 days now, so nothing spl for poor Vinayagar.

  7. Raj

    I always wanted to ‘see’ great lakes (atleast a portion of it) but could not do in my 4 yrs stay in US. btw Nice castles…

    So you are a samavedha iyengar maami… for some strange reason i had thought there are no samavedha iyengars…. In Dallas there were no places to change poonal during AA esp for samakas…. Hope chicago is little better…

    Hope you are doing well now….

    Rekha: The Aurora temple here conducts Avani Avittam separately for Sama Vedam poonal changers. Of course, the lazy ones would rather do it at home because they can’t take shortcuts at the temple. And thanks for asking, I am now fine – the antibiotics did their job.

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