Nothing much..

Hello everyone. I took off for a few weeks. You see I’ve been a busy person lately. Don’t ask me what, just sweet nothings of everyday. Plus nothing much has been happening, and my creative side has taken a walk, so I didn’t really know what to blog about. However, every now and then I make small observations as I watch TV or see someone, that makes me think – “I should blog about that”.

My husband has suddenly gotten this intense interest in the news. For one, who was only too happy to catch his news online, and just switch to a movie if I had the channel set on CNN, he has for the past week or so, been happily channel hopping between CNN and MSNBC, watching all the reactions to the bailout deal fail in Congress, the outcome of the first presidential debate, and the very entertaining gaffes by Gov. Sarah Palin. So all of these things made we want to say a few things.

I watched the bail-out deal unfold and felt for the first time, how american politicians were so similar to our own in India. They didn’t have the Bihari accent, spoke good english and weren’t dressed in dhothis and topis, but when a group of them came up to speak, it was so evident everyone there wanted to somehow be visible in that newscast. They would come out with sometimes as little informtion as “We are still working on it and hoping we will reach a deal”, but every time all 4 or 5 of them would have to add their own prefix and suffix to that same piece of news and get a few seconds of the mic for that. I also felt like there were a bunch of phrases that everyone in the media, congress and senate started using like “main street and wall street”, “golden parachute”. I wonder who actually came up with these and how they became the defacto terminology for what they described.  

Then, the debate between Obama and McCain. I was reminded of the debates I had participated in when I was in school. How our team would prepare speeches, and learn them by heart, how we tried to add sarcasm and humor, how we tried hard to make a point, how we sat there with pen in hand, to jot down every small mistake the other team made, as we mentally prepared a fierce rebuttal. Of course, the difference is we were not really arguing each other’s personal record there, but arguing about such paltry things as “Beauty Contests – Boon or Bane” and “Honesty is but a seven letter word”. However, it was sad to note that the McCain Obama debate was void of sarcasm, humor and anything that was vaguely intersting. It was so boring, that even though I had been making a mental note every evening that I should watch it on Friday evening from a week before, about half way through I decided to go ahead and start making dinner anyway.

And then.. there was Sarah Palin. Haha.. huhu.. hehe.. She made up for all of the lack of humor in the other debate. Apparently she used to be a model of some kind and won a beauty contest in her younger years, but I really didn’t think she would continue to answer all interview questions in the same way one tries to answer questions at a beauty contest. I had a colleague who was an excellent salesperson, and her advice to me when she took me along as a presales person for her sales meeting was this – “Stay in the gray, don’t commit anything”. I used to call her “Queen of Gray” after meetings where she clearly deflected many risky questions without making them feel she had deflected it. I would have to say Sarah Palin is the “queen mother of Gray”, except everyone can see right through her. I am sure all of you have seen all of those interviews she did, and how pathetic she was. I think finally here is a person who can be in the vicinity of the white house and be worse than George W Bush.

Ok ok.. everyone is thinking.. where in the world did NRI maami disappear. I will be right back next week with my round up of my Navarathri Kolu. I am expecting close to 45 people all in a day, so I am going to take a while to regain strength after that.

Be right back.. Ciao.

15 thoughts on “Nothing much..

  1. Democrats/Republican reporters fighting on CNN reminds me of kozha-adi-sandai in Madras…lo-lo-lo-lo nu kathindu..I hate that…but my wife loves it…

    Ennada Navarathri-Sundal update onnum varlayae nu paathen…looking oda post podavum..

    Rekha: Haha.. You are so right. I feel the political analysts who are usually aligned one way or the other get so much more aggresive and defensive than the politicians themselves.
    Navarathri Kolu vechaachu, but people are coming over only on Saturday, so full update podaraen after that.

  2. stanzebla

    Americans are very different from Europeans. Our politicians don’t do speeches with music in the background. If there would be as much show here we’d think they all lie. They lie though but it’s not as obvious.
    I don’t like to watch the news, and even less the american news. But when everybody was so shocked by Palin I had to watch her interviews. Took me some time to translate the crap with all it’s special political verbalisms. Anyways, she’s really worse than Bush. Due to her logic I should be Secretary of State in France, because I live in a foreign country. Hey, that enhances my foreign-policy credentials. 😀
    I am happy this spook will be over in some weeks. Go America, vote fast.
    Kind Regards, stanze

    Rekha: Haha.. I heard the debate earlier for the presidential election in France was very interesting. About Palin – may be something for Bush to be happy about – at least he’s not the worst.

  3. stanzebla

    I didn’t watch the debate, my french is worse than my english anyways. But Sarkozy reminds me of Zaphod Beeblebrox the President of the Galaxy from the The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. He is not very clever but he looks good, guess that’s why they voted for him. He is usually just doing nothing, except making scandals due to his extravagant private (?) life. The worst thing he has done was trying to get the power over all TV stations like Berlusconi did in Italy. Bad enough…
    Strange is that the french public didn’t seem to mind that. Maybe they don’t watch TV anyways? Or they gave up on him.
    When he became President he left his wife and married a chanson singer, Carla Bruni. She sang a song in which she said he is “dangerous like kolumbian snow”. Ouch ouch that was all a big scandal. I found an interview in english with Carla Bruni on Youtube where she sings that song.
    Sarkozy is Hungarian and she is Italian. So at least French like foreigners. ^^

    Rekha: French like foreigners? Indians too – one of the most powerful women in India is Sonia Gandhi – she’s Italian and because of the big hue and cry about letting her become prime minister, she let an intellectual economist become the PM, while she controls the country from behind the screens.

  4. Aiyo you should see Saturday Night Live. The Palin parodies are ultimate!

    45 ppl in a day ah? Neenga romba great!

    Rekha: Ya ya.. I watched those on Youtube. Orae comedy thaan. 45 ppl ku enna samachi podardhunu thalaya odachindu irukaen.. enna greato!

  5. My question is how Palin maami chases her big brood and the youngest is afflicted with Down’s Syndrome and she puts it on her wimpled hips and goes on. Does she have the comfort of money not to worry about these everyday things or what?

    Ah ok ok give the menu quick and what’s coming in your gift bag? Send me one wokay?

    Rekha: Oh ya.. it totally bugs me to see her take her poor kids along all the time, especially that poor little baby as if they are some kind of qualification that she has remind everyone about and advertise.
    Menu va.. I am thinking of taking up the badam milk idea from you, seems easier than gulab jamun. Innum decide pannalae. Gift bag ku vangiyaachu. Elaam photo oda podaraen in the next post.

  6. 45 ppl? didya invite the whole of schaumburg or wat?

    sarah palin? well not not even talk bout her, she makes Bush look like a nobel laureate!

    Rekha: Haha.. Ilai pa. Actually about 17 women, but with families – so comes to about 40 leaving out the few that decided to come on other days. I write so much about current affairs, and it seems like everyone is more interested in the kolu.. not fair pa.

  7. RT

    Me too expecting 45 people on friday. I have invited 20 families but everyone coming with family makes it 45+…

    Any ideas for menu?
    Rekha: I am thinking of badam kheer (copied from maami), some fried stuff for karam and sundal. What about you?

  8. Pradeep

    Hmmmm I just dropped in to say “NRI Maami, what is your answer to the Maami’s golu?”

    But adhukku munnadi neenga “next post” nu notification kuduthuttel..
    Unga aathu golu la yum kanya ponnus dancing and singing unda? 😉 Irundha sollungo… 😀

    Rekha: No singing dancing elaam inga.. only eating!

  9. stanzebla

    Think wanted to say something about feeding the 5000. 😦 But I went away from the comp and to bed and forgot all. I have a bad cold and either I am always stupid or the cold reached my brain.

    Rekha: Ohh.. good luck with the cold!

  10. golu is more interesting than palinamma any day!

    Rekha: Haha.. Took me a while to understand the word ‘palinamma’. Ya, she sure took away some attention this year, but I think my golu won hands down!

  11. prem


    who is that who said golu is interesting than palinamma? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    go sarah palin!!! PALIN FOR PRESIDENT! PALIN 08!!!!

    and did any one of you playboy invitation to palin to pose for playboy if she loses the election? err…now im confused. should i hope for palin to be president and watch her for the next 4 years…(and given the state of US politics…most likely 8 years) or not…

    lets just hope that playboys offer does not include publishing a interview of hers or something)


    and now….does this not prove that NRI maami is really a masochist? 45 people in a day? thats maybe the number of people i would like to meet in a FULL YEAR!!!

    deepest condolences to mr. NRI maami

    Rekha: There goes one more Palin supporter! And Prem, you and S missed the good food yesterday. For all the help she put in, she could have at least tasted the badam milk. Will probably try to drop off some at ur place. Mr. & even Ms. NRI Maami did fine by the way.

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