Election Time!

Happy election day! It’s too bad there is no holiday for Election day, and no special movies on TV (except 16 hours of House which my husband and I and even my daughter have started watching like maniacs).

I have only voted once in a political election – the first one that came by after I turned 18. I was in college, voted for DMK, and I remember my friend wondered how a maami like me had voted for DMK. I have voted in a few other elections as well. I’ve voted for class leader elections, house captain elections, head girl elections – you get the idea?

Class leaders/monitors/Class representatives were responsible for occasionally filling in for the teacher. If the teacher stepped out or was on leave or for some reason the class needed to be “monitored”, the class leader would step forward, chalk in hand, and in a shrill voice, try to drown the noisy class, by such things as “I will write down your name if you talk”, and “Everybody keep quiet”. There were the occasional strict class reps and the occasional “jaane tho yaar” cool class reps, but no matter which kind, teachers’ day would always cause a revolution in the class. There would either be a “move of no-confidence” or a “take responsibility and step-down” act. I was a class rep only once, and I did the latter, because I couldn’t get all the 7th standard girls in my class to agree on whether we should do a dance or a skit for our teachers. Duh!!

My highest held office by election was as house captain for the school when I was in class X. There were four houses, and I still believe the cream of the batch that year was kind of concentrated in one house (not mine). Therefore I got a chance to rise above the radar and get nominated alongwith two other girls – one was a surprise, the other was shocking. Being in class 10, and naive that I was – I thought I would be too immodest if I voted for myself, so I voted for the shocking nominee. I won by a margin of one vote and became house captain. The shocking nominee became my vice-captain. I endured her vice-captaincy for the whole academic year – she was a rowdy and I didn’t want to get beaten up by her “brothers” if I pissed her off. It was kind of fun to be popular and admired by juniors, to select teams, put together plays, plan a drill display, motivate a team, etc. The best part of it was to carry all those trophies and shield we won all the year through. I think it was one of the best years of my life.

Today John McCain or Barack Obama will feel the joy of winning an election that is being termed historic no matter who wins. I did follow the election campaigning pretty closely, and enjoyed every bit of information and misinformation I came across. It’s too bad I cannot vote, but I look forward to hearing the results tonight. CNN will be on full blast at our home today.

So, those of you can vote, go ahead and make a difference – vote for the right guy, at least this time round. Those of you who cannot, you can still vote here.

Happy election day again!

7 thoughts on “Election Time!

  1. True, X in Ann’s was truly memorable. I lost the Head Girl Election and ended up Vicey of Pansies, so that way it was one of the most regrettable years of my life as well, I regret it even today that I didn’t prepare my “Head Girl Speech” well enough, sigh! 😦

    I hope Obama wins!

    Rekha: Hey.. nice to see you delurk! There was a head-girl speech? I don’t remember that part. Obama did win.. and McCain’s concession speech as well as Obama’s acceptance speech were truly worth watching. Both were very moving.

  2. So who you rooting for? Onga oor aala?!

    Rekha: Yep.. I was rooting for Obama thaan. Was pretty excited about his win last night. Wanted to make sure I watched his acceptance live – felt like it was some historic moment and 20, 30 years later, I would be telling people, I watched him accept the presidency.

  3. Hey, just finished watching CNN and the Beeb for the last 2 hours and our man Bama in unga ooru Chicago.

    A change awaited for over decades in America.

    Rekha: Yes.. some of the TV experts who were black were choked with emotion when the announcement was made.

  4. neenge ellam St.Anns aachey. Bhavans mein we had interviews by a selection comitee that determined the student apex body.

    But we did a lot of horse trading, rigging and blackmailing in grad school for the council elections!

    Rekha: Haha.. I went through some kind of similar process in college, where the MBA department conducted interviews to decide who the best outgoing students were.

  5. Strength to Obama. His election is a welcome change. The votes were still polarized by region – most midwestern and southern states seem to have voted for McCain, which is surprising. Anyway I am sure Obama has many challenges on hand – the world’s a lot more complicated than it used to be around 2000!

    Rekha: Yes.. I want to see him win the bigger challenge – the presidency. But I fear that the expectations might be too high, and the consequences of doing a bad job might turn off the public for a long time.

  6. prem

    err…you look forward to vote? why on earth would anyone go stand in a queue…wait for hrs….just a pain. anyway, its nice that you can vote by mail eh?

    and wow! no more of this election crap! the same thing over and over again…guess its time to rejoice now! woke up today morning quite positive that i dont have to see anything about this election crap and their crazy powerpoint and those display screens. and i put on ABC on tv….and what do i see…

    “abc instant poll – what puppy do you think barack obama should bring into the white house.. ”

    groan! i guess it will never be over!

    Rekha: hehe.. you’re a lazy citizen. We should be seeing a lot of Obama in the coming years – doubt it if he can provide as much entertainment value as Bush did though!

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