G for..

Laksh had this post that got me all excited. I thought it was one of those tags that would be fun to do.

You leave a comment on this post, and I’ll assign you a letter. You write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on. You can also leave a comment and not ask for a letter if you want. If you want to keep the chain going, let me know.

My letter was


And my list is:

1. G for God


While I am not very religious, I acknowledge God as being in control of my life to some extent and I take a second to pray before I do something important.

2. G for Grandparents



I love grandparents – all grandparents. I’ve come to realize lately how important they are to their grandchildren, and how different they are from parents.

3. G for Girl children


I love girl children. I think it makes parenting all the more fun, watching them watch themselves in the mirror and taking care to match their clothes with their clips and their shoes.

4. G for Girl friends


I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t have some of my closest girl friends. They are always special – we exchange notes on husbands, cry on each other’s shoulders. Most importantly I know they are always there for me!

5. G for Gravel


 I love the sound of tyres on loose gravel. I like the way it shines clean just after a shower of rain.

6. G for Golgappa


 I love golgappas with anything inside them. I could stuff them with some potatoes, raw onions and ompodi and I can gobble any number of them. Slurp..

7. G for Greenery


I love greenery around me. I am a bit lazy about keeping them green, but I love looking at green fields, green plants. I don’t even need flowers.

8. G for Gifts


I love gifts. I love to give gifts as well as to receive them. In fact, I think I’ve been mostly succesful at gifting the right things (except in the case of my husband where my gifts usually bomb miserably).

9. G for Ganges


One of the most unforgettable memories of my life will be that of bathing in the Ganges. I was so overwhelmed by it’s power and beauty, that I was happy to ignore the others folks upstream who were scrubbing themselves away with soap and water.

10. G for Google


Last and certainly not the least, I love Google. Everything in my life would come to a standstill if I didn’t have Google. I search for everything from recipes, to technical questions to images for this post on Google, and I always find my answer.

So, those were my 10. Any of you want to take it up? Let me know!


13 thoughts on “G for..

  1. I love this tag! I lurk around your blog often and decided it is the best time to delurk

    Rekha: Thank you for finally delurking. How about a “T” for you?

  2. I come from Bombay and we like to call it Pani Puri. 😛

    Nice, innovative tag!

    Rekha: I come from everywhere, and we call pani puri pani puri, but we call the puris golgappas.

  3. Rohit

    Hmmm.. nice and interesting, with the pictures especially… the part about gravel was not something i was expecting to see.. quite quirky!! and the coolest one was the last, google, everyone’s g favourite, and my idea!!! 😉

    Rekha: Ok ok.. take the credit!

  4. oorjas

    Hi..! I am a bit new around here but would like to brush up my brain for ideas & my heart for the feelings.

    i’d like that tag let me see what i can do..!

    Rekha: Sure.. try your luck and let me know where you’re posting it. Your letter is “R”.

  5. cool one! i love the gol gappas and the ‘google’ thingy too! P.S I worked for Google! So, I not just love Google, I am absolutely crazy abt it… 😀

    very nice blog…i’d like to try my hand on a letter too!

    Rekha: Welcome to this space Rohini. It’s good to know that you worked for Google and are still crazy about it. My admiration is definitely long distance in comparison. Go ahead and try “K”.

  6. Hi NRIMAAMI, nice post. Though I am a newbie blogger and read your blogs frequently without leaving a message, I would like to try this.

    Rekha: Hi Shilpa.. Welcome to my blog. How about “O”? That might be a little difficult, so if you’re not upto it, I’d give you “L”. You can choose..

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