Vratham Varuthams!

Vratham Varuthams (Worries) plague me from time to time. My mother does this Tuesday Vratham – no particular God she says, just good for the system and pray to all Gods. Few years ago, my husband had applied for a US H1B visa, and control freak that I am, and chronic worrier that I am, my imagination conjured up a bunch of likely depressing scenarios if his visa was rejected. So, I decided since I could not personally interfere in matter of USCIS, the only option I had to feel in control was to start my own Tuesday vratham.

So, my mother’s version is that she eats oats or fruits for breakfast and eats tiffin at night. I decided to mimic the same version – well almost. My mother-in-law who was quite perturbed by the fact that a 23 year old newly married girl should put her health through such religious tests, suggested that it was ok to have “paitham kanji” (which is a porridge made of moong dal and jaggery) for breakfast, and fruits and other liquids for lunch and any kind of tiffin (including pongal) for dinner. So, I kept going and my husband got his US visa (much to my amazement). I instantly attributed that to my vratham. My next issue was that I had to join him soon – what if my H4 got rejected. So, I continued on until I reached the US and having happily settled with my husband in a new country of promise, it took me a few weeks of Taco Bell temptation to give up my Tuesday vratham.

Every time I gave up and happily ate guilt-free on Tuesdays, a few months down that path, something I didn’t want happening or something I wasn’t in control of happend. Immediately I would attribute it to my giving up the Tuesday vratham and would promptly restart it.

After many such iterations, my version of Tuesday vratham as it last existed came down to oats for breakfast, any number of bananas during the day, soup for lunch (provided it was onion-garlic free) on tiresome days and any amount of tiffin at night. Yes yes.. don’t laugh.. I know it’s hardly a vratham. But, coming to think of it for someone who is so in love with food as me, having to be on such a schedule even once a week can be very trying. Besides that, it is the thought that counts isn’t it?

Until yesterday, there were a bunch of uncertainties lurking around that were driving me crazy. This morning as I showered, I thought to myself, I should start my Tuesday vratham again, that’s probably why my life is so confused right now. Guess what, things miraculously got sorted out today.

I really have to start my Tuesday vratham again, before too many good things come my way and I lose focus again. What a  maami I am!

15 thoughts on “Vratham Varuthams!

  1. Hmmmm, maybe I ought to give it a try- it would doubly benefit me, both to keep my overeating at bay and better to solve my issues!

    Rekha: Hehe.. one more person follows! My colleague started it after seeing me doing it, and she is much stricter and regular than me now. Btw.. I wouldn’t say much about vratham keeping overeating at bay.. it does quite the contrary by the end of the day.

  2. padmajav

    dieting in any form sends shivers up my spine. the last time i went on a salad diet, i got a headache from hunger at 3 pm, and had to phone order a masala dosa! think of me and u’ll be proud of yourself!

    Rekha: Haha.. Phone ordere masala dosa.. how I wish I had that option!

  3. LOL Max seems to be all ready to take the plunge. The two Maamis above me and the blog author, please do something for the poor fellow soon!

    Btw, Taco Bell temptation? Aiyo Rama!

    Rekha: Max seem to insist he was not ready.. Do you sense a change in his tune? Something worth investigating perhaps?
    And what’s wrong with Taco bell tempation? First time outside India, first exposure to Mexican food ( or so I thought), and that too after all the build-up my US return colleagues gave me – as being the one place where there were a reasonable number of veggie options that tasted good. Don’t like taco bell?

  4. Me

    India la irundha varaikum atleast gumbaloda govinda pottundu irundhen. After coming to US, I have become maha mattam in following all these.

    I thought of fasting on Vaikunta Ekadasi…but decided to eat pongal to avoid headache…enga poyi muttikaradhu…

    Rekha: Oh please don’t get me started on Vaikunta Ekadesi!

  5. prem

    yeah can believe it? someone getting tempted by taco bell!!!!

    i guess a vratham is a lot better than eating at a taco bell! i dont know about anybody else, but i have never ever been able to order them something and have them give what i ordered. for all intensive purposes maami, maybe you have eaten chicken and beef by now.

    well….maybe you dont know you are eating non veg and thats why you like it in taco?

    some food for thought for you…

    Rekha: Your problem with Tacobell is not their food, but the fact that you have a hard time ordering there.. I am sure it’s the same case with Dominos too.. So what now.. are you going to badger me about pizzas too?

  6. veratham.. innikku varekkum oru veratham kuda panninadu illai..
    3 vellai mukka pidikka chaapad for me.. 😉

    family still worried about my weight which i feel is normal but underweigt for the typical tamil eyes.. u know what i mean..

    Rekha: Oh.. see I’ve never had that problem.. I’ve always been overweight even to tamil eyes! Clearly you don’t need vrathams.

  7. Hey thanks for commenting on my Worries post. I don’t know if the vratham would solved your problem, but it would definitely solve your varutham. does this mean if you eat 2 days food in 1 day, you will end up having 2 days of problem in 1 day (or solve 2 days worth of problem in 1 day) (apart from acquiring stomach ache).

    Rekha: Ayyo.. haven’t done all this analysis.. don’t think I would be able to digest the results you suggest.. I was shooting for eat 2 days food in 1 day and have no problems on any day! How about that?

  8. Pradeep

    I have never been on a vratham and never will be. My room mate starves through every monday (vratham). He has suddenly given me a nice reason to start loving Mondays because I know he is gonna cook up a delicious dinner. 😀

    Long live the vrathams!! 😉

    Rekha: So.. you get the good food even if you don’t get the punyam.. Good for you..

  9. Smitha

    It was nice reading about your vrutam. It reminded me of myself. Before getting pregnant I was taking Monday and Thursday vrutham with one small meal and fruits. But now I eat a second time within 1 hour and by afternoon I will finish all my 3 times food. Then I feel hungry and then what vrutham. May be next Monday. God will understand.

    I am trying my best. Sometimes it works sometimes don’t.

  10. Aasha

    Nice to read about your Tuesday Vratam, I started fasting , doing the Venkateshwara Vratam (www.lordbalajimiracles.com)once a month, Its been almost 6 months since I started the Vratam, still I haven’t got what I have asked for ..I do have severe headache and tiredness… its been very difficult to fast but at the same time I feel I’m more connected to God when I’m in pain, there is a spiritual joy when you dedicate at least one day to God and fasting is a form of prayer, it should be okay if you cannot fast. My Guru advised that devotion is more important and when you ask something from God, you should also give him something in return. Thanks for creating this blog

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