Missing in Action?

Hello everyone. I would have loved to make a grand announcement saying that I am back but then I don’t quite want to jinx myself by doing that. So, let’s just say I am making a serious attempt to get back into the habit of blogging.

A lot of things have happened since my last post almost two months ago.

  • No – my hair did not all turn black, it’s continues down the expected dreaded path of fading and falling.
  • The seasons have changed (for the better I must add). The grass is green, the sun is brighter than a tube-light and birds are constantly chirping (and building nests in my grill).
  • I am a year older (boo hoo) and so is my daughter (boo hoo again for she has moved on from terrible twos to more terrible threes)
  • I was almost relieved to not get a surprise birthday party this year, but guess what? I now own a Wii, Wii Sports, Wii Fit, Guitar Hero World Tour and the Wii Dance Party 2.
  • However, it’s very unfortunate that Wii Fit describes me as being obese and wonders how I don’t trip over myself when I walk!
  • And I am not loving my Wii male gym instructor – he has no name but has a perfect body and balance and can do push-ups as easily as one could swallow ghee dripping badam halwa .
  • I am no longer a desi-consultant and relax folks, I am not out of a job (yet?) (P.S: Prem, please no potentially negative comments on this line and the one below with your “thiruvaay”)
  • I have a job that I am really liking (at this point in time)
  • I most certainly do not enjoy the annoying production support pager which knows no night or day.
  • I managed to celebrate the Saradu pandigai (a.k.a Karadayan Nombu) minus the Adai and falling at my husband’s feet (which I offered just in case he was so inclined but thankfully he was not)
  • We also celebrated Sree Ramanavami. I made everything + Neer mor + Paanakam + Vada Paruppu. As always, I pitied poor Lord Rama for having such modest demands in comparison to Lord Krishna who makes everyone slog all day for a more delicious meal.
  • We then welcomed the Tamil New Year (even though some atheists seem to think that it is not the new year) as well as we possibly could considering it was a Tuesday morning and I had to leave home at 8:00 for a 9:00 meeting.
  • We have decided to do as many 1 day road trips during the weekends as possible. We’ve already done the local zoo, Starved rock state park and Brookfield zoo. Next plan is St.Louis.
  • We managed to get some family portraits in which we look like ourselves.
  • And finally thanks to the wonderful search engines and your blog rolls, my daily hits have stayed respectable.

So, that’s the roundup of events in the past two months. I  hope to be back as often as possible, until then “Iniya Puthaandu Nal Vaazhthukkal”!


20 thoughts on “Missing in Action?

  1. You do lead a busy life and still manage to chase all the vruthams and stuff. Good on you.

    And now that we have your back nattering can we have a dekho of those family portraits?

    Belated birthday wishes. You 10th, me 11th-a? Same pinch, no back pinch ya.

    Rekha: Family portraits thaane.. coming up soon. Enna busy life o!

  2. i am not able to comment…my mind is filled with just these words..

    badam halwa….ghee dripping badam halwa….badam halwa…

    Rekha: Hahaa.. If you ever go to Salem, hunt down this place called Malabar lodge – my grandfather took me there when i was probably 6 or 8 years old and got me badam halwa (ghee dripping) wrapped in vaazhai elai. Ohooooo ultimate aa irundhudhu! I still remember.. so imagine..

    1. I have been to Salem more than a dozen times but nobody mentioned about badam halwa from malabar lodge…next time idhukaagavey Salem poren

      Rekha: It’s not famous or anything. It’s a place my thatha and his brothers used to frequent when they were kids. It was a dark shabby place – for all you know they may not even be around anymore.

  3. Nice summary! Even I am trying to do one day trips every weekend if possible. I completed the St. Louis one day trip a couple of weeks back. We must be in the same Circle/Time zone then!

    Rekha: St.Louis will have to wait until next weekend. This weekend I am on production support, so going to be stuck at home. I live in the Chicago area. What about you?

  4. mallilover

    i accidentally came across a post about buying malli in new jersey. please tell me more. is it sold “wearable” for the hair or are you buying plants and sewing flowers yourself.

    Rekha: I don’t live in NJ. My friend does, and she bought the wearable flowers for our hair on her seemantham day. Not quite sure where you get them thought – but I am assuming it’s on that road where all the indian stores are.

    1. Me

      mallilover…. if you are ippo ramaswamy types… call and check with south indian specialties ..& if you are porumai types…go get couple of plants[don’t get just one…i got a malli chedi three years back and i have oru jaan of malli….as of now …so i am planning to get multiple plants….] from desi grocery stores wait for a couple of years and you enjoy mozhams of mallipoo like bay area vaasis

      1. mallilover

        thank you! i will check with them.

        actually i have three (!) malli plants but they don’t make enough buds to put in my hair… enough for a little baby but not for a grown woman with long hair.

        i really want a service that will deliver 4 muzham to my doorstep every saturday morning. free business idea for someone!

  5. Bhagee

    It’s great to see you back! Love the summary:) and Happy Belated Bday.

    Rekha: I am glad to see you checking in.. and thanks for the birthday wishes 🙂

  6. prem

    okok…no comments.

    given the fact that there hasnt been a blog since apr 23rd, i guess you have been busy and you are still employed. congrats! hope you survived the dreaded friday evening email!

    i survived too.just checked my email again. (well..things work a bit differently in my company. the big boss checks his email once a week!)..i guess i could say my chair would be around when i go back monday…well…who knows. all i know is i got my salary for last week. and ive blown away a good chunk of it as well!

    best of luck on maintaining your careful balancing act.. do not spill your badam ghee on your laptop or your pager and screw up some of your code. or let your wii instructor see you eating either. he may have a few more choicest of adjectives for you to spoil your appetite!

    and i wish you all the best. hopefully someone may forget about the idea of st louis and you may not have to undergo that torment after all!

    have a great weekend!

    Rekha: If adjectives could spoil my appetite, I’d have tried long ago.

  7. Rekha Vaddepalli

    Hey Rekha, I was just reading your blog for the first time yesterday.. Its very good ofcourse I dont understand the tamil that you are using quite often but otherwise I enjoyed reading it. It felt like I was talking to you after a long time..I was reminded of the long phone chats we used to have in the college 🙂 How is everything going on? How is Smrithi doing? I seem to have accidentally left a comment on Me’s blog thinking that the Golu snaps were yours…

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