Navarathri 2009

One more Navarathri all done with and my first one with proper steps too! Yes, this time I bulldozed my husband into making the steps so that we didn’t have to rely on our assortment of tables, books and boxes.

So I started off searching for instructions online on how to make the steps. I know a lot of people have managed to buy the required stuff and somehow make steps that can be assembled and disassembled, but nobody unfortunately has put up proper instructions on how to do it.

So ladeej and gentleman who struggle every year with dabbas and such to make your golu steps..  idho choodungo.. the idiot’s guide to golu padikkatu..

Side view 1
Side view 1
Front View
Front View
Golu steps completed
Golu steps completed

Decide on the number of steps – Remember you cannot randomly change that once you buy this stuff.

  1. Go to the nearest Menards, Home Depot or Lowe’s and take yourself there in a mini-van or SUV.
  2. Ask for stair risers – you have different ones available depending on the number of steps you need. Those would make the 2 sides. Ours was wide enough to need a third one in the middle.
  3. For the steps themselves, you could buy stair stingers (which are expensive) or you could just buy similar planks in any other kind of cheaper wood. We ended up buying 2x4x8 planks for the steps.
  4. Your top step needs support – so buy it some legs – I am not sure about the dimensions but we picked some up from the clearance section and then after assembling the steps, measured and cut it to the right length.
  5. Also get some deck screws – they have many options for this, but the cheapest deck screw would do.
  6. Assemble as shown below – we screwed only every alternative step, the other just rested fine without any screws required.
  7. Unscrew to disassemble.

During my trip to India last December, I bought a whole bunch of new dolls for the golu. I added a Lakshmi Hayagreevar statue, a couple doing the Dandia, a set of musicians playing different instruments, a wedding set, and a set of fairies (Tinker bell and friends).

Golu 2009
Golu 2009

The placement of dolls was quite challenging. I am the kind of person, that likes things to be simple and clean. Once the five steps were built and the cloth wrapped on it, we unwrapped all the dolls – and I realized over the past few years when I had not done my golu shopping in India, I had accumulated quite a few boring and non-essential dolls. I decided I would only put up the ones that I could compartmentalize and organize with my nice ones. I am not at all a random person – and I would never be able to get myself to put a bunch of unrelated dolls together. So, my logic was let’s put all the Gods together (like they are going to give each other company or something) on the two steps, and then let’s put all the nice ones in the middle step and the miscellaneous ones in the 4th step. The last step was reserved for small items that need precision in placement and my daughter’s toys. We recently bought her a Tinker bell set of fairies and I decided to use those rather than the stuffed toys I had put up last year. For the Tinker Bell set, I had grandoise plans to repliacte Pixie Hollow, but somehow couldn’t find the time to get all of it done. We tried to grow some vegetation, but as usual we were too late to see any green before the golu started, so I had to make do with some artificial vegetation. Next year, I am definitely going to make something more creative, like a forest or a zoo or park or a carnival – we’ll see if I can keep my promise.

We also did celebarate Saraswati Pooja and Ayudha Pooja with full enthusiasm. Pictures below…

Saraswathi Pooja
Saraswathi Pooja
Ayudha Pooja
Ayudha Pooja
Belated Navarathri wishes everybody and looking forward to Deepavali now!

16 thoughts on “Navarathri 2009

  1. Maami. I like this post a lot. What a simple method of making the steps. Every year we struggle making it from various furniture in the house. Is this wood heavy, though? Is it cumbersome to carry/store?

    I am to send you an e-mail of the same. Hope to hear from you soon!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Rekha: Hope all the info provided was useful. You have a really good website. I am sure a lot of people are amazed at your interest in these things.

  2. Golu sooper! I am going to bookmark this and comeback to it when my golu grows and I decide to buy the steps

    When you were in India …it was not a golu season..approm eppadi you got golu bommais? esp ones like kalyana set?

    Rekha: Thank you 😀 I bought a lot of stuff from Gurjari in Ahmedabad. The Lakshmi Hayagreevar I bought from a small store right outside Parthasarathy kovil in Triplicane. The kalyana set if from one of those crowded old dusty places in Malleswaram (Bangalore). It is not like the traditional kalyana set – this one is a bit different – not sure if you were able to see it clearly.

    1. Aha Triplicane! enga area!! but enakkum parthakum konjam misunderstanding…adhunaala adhey area la irundhalum koil pakkam avalova poradhu illai…

      You have bommais from all over India!…Most of my (all of my traditional) golu bommais are from Mylapore….:(

      Rekha: Partha kooda misunderstandingaa? Achacho.. Never bought any at Mylapore.. but hopefully they aren’t the “made in china” ones..

  3. afterall you finally did the maami-thing with a how-to for golus!


    Rekha: Thank you thank you.. as it is once in a blue moon thaan blogging.. edhavdhu panni name koncham salvage pannikanum illaya?

  4. Maami
    Golu romba nanna irukku. Last year and this year I am planning to use the boxes only. Next year surely I will have padi

    Last year for golu I went to india so bought some dolls. Some are broken though esp chettiyar chettichi/

    I have bought kalayana set cricket set music kacheri set , krishnan dance set and some miscellaneous…

    Also have ordered the village set from dollar store which they used to have for christmas.

    Planning to build a park , swimming pool , and community

    Let me send the pictures…

    BTW where are you living ? I live in virginia USA.

  5. Gayathri Nagesh

    Vanakkam maami,
    The golu padi is superb. We are planning to make it this year and I find your blog so useful. Definitely gonna refer to this for proper guidance.
    Being a mambalam maami, I can’t imagine festival season without Navarathri golu and we had to leave our perfect golu padi with it’s tailor made cover ( you can drape it on like a pull- over) in India.
    I can finally have a decent golu this year.
    A small, friendly suggestion. Since you made a diy golu padi, you and maama can consider a diy puja mandapam too. What say?

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