The Return of NRI Maami

I cannot believe it has been more than 5 years since I last blogged. Many friends, acquaintances and anonymous people have been asking me on and off when I would be blogging again, and after a few feeble attempts I gave up blogging. It wasn’t because I wasn’t interested or didn’t have time, but suddenly I felt like there really was nothing that I had to say, that was worth reading or listening to.

So, why then have I actually returned? Well, my life is going through some pretty interesting twists and turns and I think I may finally have something to say that is probably, just probably, of interest to some souls out there.

Over the last 5 years, I have grown older, wiser, grayer and chubbier. 40 isn’t too far away, and in anticipation of the mature years ahead, my way of thinking has changed. When the typical NRI conversation came up 5 years ago about moving to India, I had a long list of reasons for why I didn’t want to do it – everything from the India we know doesn’t exist anymore to why would I want to go sweat in that kitchen making three meals a day, and brewing coffee for unannounced guests all day long. However in the last few years, many things on that list have slowly lost their place of importance to me. Seemingly solid reasons have been overturned by more important reasons that tilt the decision in favor of moving to India.

So, over the last few months, we have been making plans and working towards D-day. Yes I am not just returning to blogging, I am in the process of returning home, back to being a non-NRI.


14 thoughts on “The Return of NRI Maami

  1. prem abraham

    but then….wont it be the “return to maami”? hmm….

    will be waiting for the REAL “Return to NRI maami”…good luck with the experiment! but whatever, welcome back to the blogging world! needs a lot of initiative! you took the first step…kept it going…and hopefully you wont lose steam midway…

    and im sure you will have a lot more experiences than us nris!

  2. Rohit

    Return of my sister to her real world.. World where nothing can be predicted. Everyday is different and if things go normally, that’s a surprise.. Welcome back to blogging and back to Bharat..

  3. Maitreyee

    Home is where the heart is…good luck in your new journey and embracing the change for your good reasons. Thats all ot counts.

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