Waiting for Diwali…

This is the week, where officially, all desis who have in the past enjoyed normal Diwalis, realize it is no more a part of their lives, and replace it with memories of diwali in India, of well consumed mixtures, murukkus, mysore paks and badhushahs, and then go down the oft-trodden train of thoughts of.. ‘What am I doing here? I should go back to India… Cant save money, need to do all the work myself etc… ‘. On the day of diwali, we all call our parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, uncles, aunts etc.. wish them a happy diwali, and make sure that they indeed did have a ‘ganga-snanam’, indeed started with  firing the 100-wala, indeed wore the new clothes, and indeed call each other locally. Another every diwali phenomenon, is that, ‘Background lae pattaasu satham kaekardhaa??’, which usually one might faintly hear, and enthusiastically say ‘yes-yes kaekardhu’ as if it was melodious music that they have been waiting to hear their whole life. Once done with this, what we normally do is wear our usual business casuals, pack our sambar sadhams, pick up our laptops and head to work.

This week, because of my exposure to Sun TV and the gazzilion ads airing these days the above feelings were multiplied by 1000. Apparently in India, Diwali season has become equivalent to the Christmas New Year holiday season in the US, with regards to shopping. It is interesting to see how everything from laptops to silk sarees to jewellery to cell phones are on being marketed as on sale specially for diwali. Jewellery stores like Prince jewellery is giving away gift cards for clothes if you buy jewellery.

In the US however, the sales are in a totally separate class. This picture explains everything I would like to say:

 Patel pamphlet

So this is that time where I start thinking to myself.. What am I doing here? I should go back to India… Cant save money, need to do all the work myself.. (you know how this goes).

Happy Diwali to all you folks!