Pandigai 2009 – Round 1

October 5, 2009 at 12:20 pm 7 comments

Ok.. so the serious attempt I made at blogging a few months ago in April certainly became what can be at best termed a mega-flop. I seriously do intend to be here more often, but so many things have been happening, and kept me so busy that this blog had to go down closer to the bottom of my list of priorities. But today, since I am up early and my daughter isn’t, I figured I would put this off no further and get it done.

So how have things been in blogosphere? I have to admit, that I have barely even been reading comments these past few months, barely reading my favorites on your blogs, and almost never commented on anybody’s blog either. A lot of things happened.. we cleaned up, re-painted our old house, and then started showing it to prospective renters (which I admit is more stressful than being seen at ponnu-paarthal). We eventually found one and then moved to a home closer to where I work, and got about getting it furnished. So you can imagine, control freak that I am, how crazy things must have been.

Before we moved to our new home, we did have a very traditional grihapravesam this time round and I was very satisfied with how well it went. Right after, the season began – week after week of festivals – pullayar chathurthi co-inciding with avani avittam, followed by krishna jayanthi, followed by navarathri – to the point that I am now almost relieved that there is a weekend where I can laze around a bit and not feel on Monday like the weekend hasn’t yet begun. Also, this year since there are no planned India trips, and we rarely do long holidays, I decided I would use up all my vacation on and around festivals and prepare for them at leisure.

So, starting with Pillayar chathurthi – this was literally a week after we moved in but I wanted to do something and we did a basic pooja and offered sundal and modhakam (or sweet kozhakattai). It did turn out really well. We then went over to b-i-l’s house where m-i-l and f-i-l were also staying and did an elaborate celebration of both pillayar chathurthi as well as avani avittam. My co-sis V made a really beautiful pillayar with rice flour (since clay ganesha’s are not available for sale). 

Avani avittam and Pillayar Chathurthi were quickly followed by Krishna Jayanthi. M-i-l and F-i-l were with us for this – so it was all the more fun. M-i-l prepared Seedai, Vella Seedai, Appam and Sooyam. Once again ate a lot of food. We also dressed up my daughter as Krishnar this time. After all the build-up I gave her about wearing “Umaachi” dress, I had put on a bunch of jewellery and taken off her shirt. She was disappointed to say the least. The Krishnar kaals (footprints) were a delight to do this time round – because we had hardwood and stone all the way to the pooja room. I didn’t have to make Krishnar magically fly past carpet etc.. like I’ve had to in the past.

That ended Round 1 and to spare you the effort of keeping your attention on this post any longer.. Navarathri will have to be a separate post.. coming up soon.. hopefully.

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Happy Pigs! Navarathri 2009

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  • 1. Me  |  October 5, 2009 at 4:48 pm

    …Arisi maava katti kattama kalaradhey kashtam…adhula pillayaraa…dheivamey what a creativity and porumai…

    Seri andha poojai shelf with bells custom made aa?

    OMG! What an awesome saapadu spread…I am craving for food now…

    Rekha: There was no kalaring in this process.. just make a dough with rice flour and shape it like a pillayar.. all the same creativity and porumai jaasthi thaan for V. The pooja shelf was bought disassembled in India, and they brought it here and assembled it back. Food was really good.. I have to admit :D

  • 2. Me  |  October 5, 2009 at 7:22 pm

    krishnar opening the mouth to show the ulagam?

    Rekha: Haha.. never thought about it that way. I suppose I should tell her that story.

  • 3. Praveen  |  October 5, 2009 at 7:55 pm

    Neat pics.
    Have been a silent reader for long, de lurking for the first time.

    Rekha: Welcome here.

  • 4. Gradwolf  |  October 6, 2009 at 1:50 am

    Welcome back!

    Rekha: Thank you pa!

  • 5. Divya  |  October 6, 2009 at 8:43 am

    food looks amazing..! nice post

    Rekha: Thank you!

  • 6. maami  |  October 13, 2009 at 1:17 am

    Phew back after such a long time.
    You’ve done a splendid job of the puja.
    Best wishes in your new home.

    Rekha: Thank you for your wishes.. and I do hope I stick around this time. We’ll see.

  • 7. Prashanti  |  September 30, 2013 at 2:07 pm

    Just happened on this blog – really nice posts. Your description could suit me to a T as well. And the fact that I sporadically blog too. I loved your post on festivals. Checkout how I do my ‘krishnar kaal’.
    Hope you resume writing.


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